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Auxiliary Organization Document Submission to the Office of the Chancellor

  • New form effective August 15, 2016 Attachment 4, Addendum for Administration of Grants and Contracts

    For auxiliaries who accept externally funded grants, contracts or other agreements and list “Externally Funded Projects Including Research, Workshops, Conferences and Institutes” as one of its functions, you must also execute this form (Attachment 4, Addendum for Administration of Grants and Contracts).

  • Operating Agreement (new, renewals or revisions)
  • Bylaws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • New Auxiliary Formations
  • Auxiliary Dissolutions
  • Auxiliary’s Conflict of interest policy (Attachment 1 to Operating Agreement)
  • Auxiliary’s statement of policy on accumulation and use of public relations funds (Attachment 2 to Operating agreement)
  • Articles of Incorporation/restatement of articles (Attachment 3 to Operating Agreement)
  • Lease (if applicable)

Submit all to:

Verna Ale Paniani, Contracts Manager
Contract Services & Procurement
CSU Office of the Chancellor
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 951-4667, or
(562) 951-4590

By email to: